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Hiroshi Moriya

Profile :

Hiroshi Moriya is a former TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System) director, who directed documentary programs on indigenous people in Siberia and in the Amazon rainforest. At one time he travelled from the Arctic through the five continents to the Antarctic, filming wild animals. He received the High Vision Award 2000 for his gThe Philosophers of the Forest, the Mehinakuh, which is a documentary film on an Amazon indigenous people.
He resigned from TBS in order to pursue a land- based lifestyle and learned Permaculture, a design theory to create sustainable life, while being engaged in farming and gardening. He is now based in Tokyo, being a freelance film director and a vegetable farmer.

Responding to the request from the Film Production Committee, he offered to take an awesome task of being director, cinematographer and editor for the underfunded gTOKYO Ainuh. He has been devoting much of his time and energy to the shooting and editing of the film since the spring of 2007, driven by his aspiration to capture, for the future generations, the images of the Ainu, who constitute an important part of cultural diversity in the Japanese Archipelago.

Committee Members

Shizue Ukaji (Ainu Kofue Artist)
Maoki Sato (Space ALTA)
Goichi Terachi
Mika Narikawa
Hiroshi Hirono


Liaison Committee for the four Ainu associations in Greater Tokyo
Kohei Kitayama (Writer, Blog Native Heart)
C. W. Nicol (Writer, Chairman "Afan Woodland Trust")
Tadayoshi Himeda (President, "Center for Ethnological Visual Documentation")

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